Sara wanted a new website that would achieve a variety of tasks:

  • introduce her services to potential clients
  • provide testimonials from existing clients
  • provide access to her wide range of recipes in a variety of ways - by ingredient, by meal type, and featuring the latest recipes on the home page
  • encourage people to sign up for her regular email recipe newsletter (which she creates in the website and automatically sends from Mailchimp)
  • encourage people to download her recipe books
  • enable customers to sign up to her cooking classes
  • list her media appearances
  • enable customers to book and pay for her services
  • share her favorite products with her customers so that they could buy them for themselves

She had a very clear idea of how she wanted her site to look - clean and simple. She had lots of great photos. We worked together on the look and feel and were delighted with the result.

>> sarasullivan.com

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Sarah had recently set up her doctor's practice and wanted a website that would:

  • introduce her services to potential patients
  • enable her patients to book appointments
  • connect patients to her online portal into the part of her EHR that is visible to patients (while maintaining patient confidentiality)
  • connect her patients to her online pharmacy where they could place orders
  • explain the background of naturopathy
  • help publicize events
  • offer her the chance to publish a regular Doctor's Diary
  • encourage people to sign up to her occasional newsletter (in Mailchimp)
  • talk about her background and philosophy as a naturopathic doctor
  • answer frequently asked questions

Sara had seen lots of other websites and knew what she liked and what worked well, and had great ideas for colors. She provided professional photos and a beautifully designed logo. Together we were able to build fairly quickly a website that represents her practice and personality.

>> sarahbucknp.com

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Melissa is a beekeeper who sells bee-related products. She already had a website but she wanted a new one that would enable her to rapidly increase her product sales, connect to social media, show off the events she would be appearing at (especially over the holiday season), and encourage others to be more bee-friendly.

She also wanted to help people find her bee studio, and encourage wholesalers to get in touch.

She had some great colors in her label designs, and we wanted her website to tie into the colors and fonts she was already using. She provided professional product photos, and we went though her personal photos together to find photos that summed up her company.

Helping Melissa to set up Paypal Business, and get started with selling online via WordPress/Woocommerce, and connecting to Quickbooks, was also important.

It was also important to help her work out how to better use Facebook to connect with her customers and promote her events and business.

>> mainestreetbee.com

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The Yarmouth PTO wanted a website to help them communicate with the parents at the schools they served.

As well as sharing information about what the PTO does and encouraging parents to get involved, they also wanted to:

  • provide a Donate button to encourage donations
  • publicize news and make it easy for anyone to update
  • publicize PTO meetings in an easy-to-update format
  • encourage parents to sign up for PTO emails (from Mailchimp)
  • encourage Facebook likes
  • highlight particularly effective programs for fundraising

It was important that the website was easy for others to update, as the ownership of the website changes every year or two, and it is managed by volunteer parents.

>> Yarmouth PTO

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Working with designer Lisa Estabrook, we designed this website to showcase Kerry's new business's services, products and beliefs.

The look and feel reflect her ecological, value-centred, wellness-focused beliefs.

Customers can find out more about The Well Bee including contact and location, see the range of services available, buy gift cards, book appointments, read Kerry's blog posts and sign up for The Well Bee mailing list (hosted on Mailchimp).

>> thewellbee.com

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This website showcases yacht designer Tim Estabrook's portfolio of designs.

The clean look and feel was originally developed by Lisa Estabrook - I took the design and made it mobile friendly and easy to update.

The site helps Tim to showcase his boat designs to potential clients, gather email addresses, enable clients to contact him to register their interest, and gives Tim a place to blog about his ongoing designs.

As Tim tracks his work via Instagram, it was important to put the Instagram feed on the home page so that an instantly updated view of his latest work is available.

>> estabrookyachtdesign.com

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Vaughn Davis and his father, famers at SchoolHouse Farms in Ohio, had plenty of ideas for new products and services that they wanted the farm to offer.

They were branching out into all sorts of new crops including popcorn, sunflowers, sunflower oil, birdseed, distillery grains, and much more.

They were considering renting out their 19th century schoolhouse to visitors, inviting photographers to their sunflower field, even sending up a drone to film their tractor at work.

They needed a website that talked about all the new things they were doing. They also needed to be able to sell products online as they became available, and also wanted to encourage wholesalers to get in touch for larger orders.

For this client, I also carried out a lot of graphic design - including their logo, and all of their product labels for bags, bottles, and even hats and clothing.

>> schoolhouse-farms.com

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Kerry needed a new website designed to a very tight deadline - she was taking part in a presentation that would be watched by a huge audience.

Together we worked through a lot of content from her old website, reorganizing it into a structure that made sense to Kerry's audience.

The new site:

  • enables clients to book appointments online
  • gives clients access to free training
  • has an events calendar where tickets can be bought for Kerry's events
  • connects to Mailchimp landing pages where customers can register to find out more about Kerry's sessions
  • is updatable by Kerry
  • will in future include downloadable audio files of Kerry's sessions


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Jennifer was starting a brand new business wasn't quite sure what she might need in terms of online presence.

After a chat over coffee we decided initially she needed a logo, a simple website to introduce her to potential clients and give them a way to contact her, an email address, and some website hosting.

She had some photos taken professionally, and soon the website was up and running.

>> moneyinme.com


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